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This page is dedicated to my favorite man – Jackson – who my sister and I rescued from a TN puppy mill. Jackson is a Newfoundland – Great Pyrenees mix; and I suspect also Border Colley as he is only 85 pounds and has a love affair with any Border Colley he meets. Jackson was trucked up at 3 months old – a furry black ball who immediately backed away when I reached for him. He is 8 years old as of this writing and I’m not ashamed to admit is terribly spoiled. He eats only grain-free food and shares most of our Organic meals. He drives cross country with me 2 times each year as I refuse to put him on a plane. He has hiking shoes, a life vest and an endless supply of toys and treats. He is allowed on any couch, chair or bed. Jackson thoroughly enjoys his 3 walks each day which is good for both of us (45 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the afternoon and 20 minutes at night).

My goal as Mom is to keep him happy and healthy for as long as possible!