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Maniac Favorite Skin Care Products

There are an increasing number of Organic and natural beauty products on the market. Sifting through all of the available options is an involved (and fun) endeavor. How effective are the products? Are they truly Organic? How honest is the maker? The ultimate realization is that skin care products are grossly under-regulated and many mislead consumers. [...]

Maniac Favorite Spices, Herbs & Teas

There are several terrific on-line providers of high quality Organic and fair trade herbs, spices, teas and essential oils. An Organic Maniac favorite is Mountain Rose Herbs due to their extensive selection of certified Organic, fair trade, ethically wild harvested & Kosher certified botanical products.   MANIAC FAVORITES   Green Sencha Leaf Tee from Japan buy here Certified Organic and from [...]

Maniac Favorite Kitchen Blender

Buy Through Organic Maniac The power house Vitamix that no home should be without.... I use it daily for making things like shredded parmesan, pesto, cauliflower puree, almond butter, tahini, smoothies. It is more powerful than any store bought blender (and more costly but don't let that stand in your way). Treat yourself as it [...]