Skin Deep Database

The Environmental Working Group ( Skin Deep database – a tool you cannot live without! Unfortunately, there are no regulatory requirements for pre-market health studies or testing of chemicals in personal care products. EWG Skin Deep is the only site I found that researches ingredients for health hazards and provides safety ratings. I use this database as one of the primary research tools for Organic Maniac body favorites. You will find EWG ratings next to certain Organic Maniac products throughout this site.

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I also keep the Skin Deep app on my phone to look up products while shopping (it is free and uses bar code scanning). EWG doesn’t have every product but has a lot – shampoo, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, hair conditioner, lip balm, sunscreen, body lotion, shaving products, makeup.

SKIN DEEP HAZARD SCORE (Low, Moderate High Hazard)

Skin Deep Score 0-2

Skin Deep Scoring System

Skin Deep Score 7-10

The Skin Deep database provides a two-part score for every product and ingredient in the database – a hazard score and a data availability score. Products are rated 0-10 (0 lowest hazard, 10 highest hazard) reflecting the known and suspected hazards of ingredients. Sometimes I settle with products having a 3-4 rating versus a 0 rating as it simply does a better job. On the flip side, the product may not be as effective as  a 7-10 rating, but I’m willing to trade-off a little effectiveness for health.

The data availability score reflects the number of scientific studies in published scientific literature and the number included in the Skin Deep database. Scores range from “None” to “Robust”. The FDA does not require manufacturers to fully disclose ingredients in skin and cosmetic products. When a product is scored None, Limited or Fair, Organic Maniac digs a little deeper to find additional research to arrive at an independent assessment of the product.