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Love Your Liver

The liver is the only one of our five vital organs (brain, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs) that can self repair. It is the 2nd largest organ of the body (after skin). The liver's main job is to filter blood for the body. And very importantly, the liver detoxifies and metabolizes everything we put into our [...]

Love Your Liver Granola

This is a Maniac favorite for Loving Your Liver. It incorporates ground Milk Thistle, turmeric, and walnuts which aid in detoxing and flushing the liver to strengthen functionality. INGREDIENTS 4 cups Rolled Grains (2 cups rolled oats + 2 cups rye, barley, and/or rolled rice flakes) 2 cups Oat Bran ½ cup Fresh/Dried Fruit/Seeds (unsulphured [...]

Organic and Natural Restaurants

If you are anything like me, all of those terrific healthy eating habits fall apart when on the road. Despite carrying along healthy snacks, I still cave from time to time. For your benefit and mine, below is a list of restaurants from around the globe that offer Organic menus or healthy eating options. The [...]

Simple Red Sauce

Trained not only as a CPA, but also as an Italian cook while living in Calabria….This simple red sauce takes on flavor over night, but can also be spooned as soon as it heats up and flavors start to meld (20 mins). My Tyrolean Grandfather may not approve, but I sauté with broth - diverging [...]

Go Paperless!! 5 Steps to Creating a Paperless Household

I'm not sure how it happened but one day the single junk drawer turned into drawers, the home office merged from nicely stacked "to do" and "to file" piles into a giant mound, and the night stand overflowed magazines intended "to read before bed". My world was full of endless paper and clutter - creeping [...]

Maniac Favorite Kitchen Blender

Buy Through Organic Maniac The power house Vitamix that no home should be without.... I use it daily for making things like shredded parmesan, pesto, cauliflower puree, almond butter, tahini, smoothies. It is more powerful than any store bought blender (and more costly but don't let that stand in your way). Treat yourself as it [...]